Formats des fichiers commençant par la lettre P
Extension de fichier Nom complet du fichier
P Pascal Language Source Code Format
P00 C64 Emulator
P01 GEAR Image Format
P02 PAR Recovery Volume
P03 PAR Recovery Volume
P04 PAR Recovery Volume
P05 PAR Recovery Volume
P06 Parity Archive Volume Set
P07 PAR Recovery Volume
P08 PAR Recovery Volume
P09 PAR Recovery Volume
P10 Certificate Request Format
P11 PAR Recovery Volume
P12 PFX File (Personal Information Exchange)
P14 PAR Recovery Volume
P15 PAR Recovery Volume
P17 PAR Recovery Volume
P19 PAR Recovery Volume
P1I IBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
P2 Panasonic P2 Video
P20 PAR Recovery Volume
P21 PAR Recovery Volume
P23 PAR Recovery Volume
P24 PAR Recovery Volume
P25 PAR Recovery Volume
P26 PAR Recovery Volume
P28 PAR Recovery Volume
P29 PAR Recovery Volume
P2A IBM Voice Type Languages Vocables
P2BP FlippingBook Publisher Book Project
P2C IBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
P2D PointLineCAD 2D Drawing
P2F Wamit
P2G CyberLink Power2Go Project Format
P2I Power2Go Image Format
P2KC P2KTools Mod
P2M PhotoWorks Appearance Format
P2P Microsoft FolderShare Format
P2S PCSX2 Saved State
P2V PLAN2VIZ Backup Design Plan
P2Z Poser Compressed Pose Format
P3 Oracle Primavera Project Planner Format
P30 PAR Recovery Volume
P3C IBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
P3D Operation Flashpoint Game Model Format
P3E Photoshop Repousse Settings Format
P3I Pixie
P3L Adobe Photoshop Light Preset Format
P3M Adobe Photoshop Material Preset Format
P3R Adobe Photoshop Render Settings Preset Format
P3T Sony Playstation 3 Theme Format
P3X Document
P4F MU Online [P4F] Launcher System Data
P5X Windows System
P6 Perl 6 Source Code Format
P64 Picasso 64 Image Format
P65 Adobe PageMaker Document Format
P7 PKCS #7 Digital Certificate Format
P7B PKCS #7 Certificates Format
P7C PKCS #7 Certificates Format
P7E SecureSoft Encrypted
P7M Digitally Encrypted Message
P7R Response To A Security Certificate Request Format
P7S PKCS #7 Signature Format
P7X Application Digital Certificate
P7Z S/MIME Compressed Message
P96 Win96 Database Format
P97 Win97 Database Format
PA Microsoft PowerPoint Add-in Format
PA2M SAM Alignment
PA3 Turbo Pascal Dos
PA4 Turbo Pascal Dos
PA5 Turbo Pascal Dos
PAA PAF Personal Ancestral File Data
PAAL Pyro Audio Creator Audio Layout
PAB Microsoft Outlook Personal Address Book Format
PAC Atari STAD Image Format
PACK Oracle Pack200 Packed JAR Format
PACKGZ Pack200 Compressed Archive Format
PACKAGE Electronic Arts Game Data Archive Format
PAD ACT! Database Pointer Format
PAE PowerArchiver Encrypted Archive Format
PAF Personal Ancestral Format
PAFEXE PortableApps.com Program Format
PAF2 Code Composer Studio Compiled
PAG Visual Basic Property PAGe
PAGE HybridJava Web Page Format
PAGES IWork Pages Document Format
PAGES-TEF Apple Pages ICloud Document Format
PAINT Apple Macintosh MacPaint Bitmap
PAK Game Resource Package Format
PAKM PAKM Package Format
PAL Color Palette Format
PALM Palm Pixmap
PAM Portable Arbitrary Map
PAMP PowerAMP Album Art Format
PAN The Panorama Factory Project Format
PANDO Pando Package Format
PANDORA Pandora Private Multimedia Format
PANIC Kernel Panic Format
PANL CodeWarrior Preference Panel
PANO Apple Quicktime VR Panorama
PAO Xilinx Source List
PAP PanoramaStudio Project Format
PAPERS Corel Painter Paper Texture Format
PAQ Hewlett-Packard System Backup ZIP Format
PAQ6 PAQ6 Data Archive Format
PAQ7 PAQ7 Data Archive Format
PAQ8 PAQ8 Data Archive Format
PAQ8F PAQ Data Archive Format
PAQ8JD PAQ Data Archive
PAQ8L PAQ Data Archive
PAQ8O PAQ Data Archive
PAR Solid Edge Part CAD Format
PAR2 PAR2 Recovery Volume Format
PAR3 PAR3 Recovery Volume
PARM SAS Scalable Performance Data Server LIBNAME
PART Partial Download Format
PART00000 Ashampoo WinOptimizer Split Archive File (part 1)
PART1 NetObjects Fusion System
PART1EXE Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed Self-extracting File Archive (part 1)
PART1RAR Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 1)
PART10RAR Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 10)
PART11RAR Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 11)
PART2 NetObjects Fusion System
PART2RAR Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 2)
PART3 NetObjects Fusion System
PART3RAR Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 3)
PART4 NetObjects Fusion System
PART4RAR Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 4)
PART5 NetObjects Fusion System
PART5RAR Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 5)
PART6RAR Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 6)
PART7RAR Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 7)
PART8RAR Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 8)
PART9RAR Split Multi-volume RAR Compressed File Archive (part 9)
PARTIAL Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Partial Download Format
PARTIMG Partimage Disk Image Format
PARTIMGBZ2 Partimage Disk Image
PARTIMGGZ Partimage Disk Image
PAS Delphi Unit Source Format
PASSWORDWALLET4 PasswordWallet Encrypted Data Format
PAT AutoCAD Hatch Pattern Format
PAT0 Nintendo Wii Texture Pattern
PATTERN PhotoLine 5 Default
PAV Panda Antivirus
PAW PawaaFILE File Format
PAX PAX Archive Format
PAYLOAD Microsoft Windows Mobile
PB PureBasic Source Code
PB1 Broderbund 3D Home Architect
PBA OpenOffice.org Basic Protected Module Format
PBB Mobile Phonebook Format
PBC Parrot Compiled Byte Code
PBD PowerBuilder Dynamic Link Library
PBE Proton Plus Compiler
PBF Turtle Beach Pinnacle Bank Format
PBG Adobe Pixel Bender Graph Language Format
PBH PowerBasic Help
PBI PC-BSD Setup Format
PBJ Pixel Bender Kernel Byte-code Format
PBK Microsoft Dial-Up Phonebook Format
PBL PowerBASIC Library
PBM Portable Bitmap Format
PBMV Portable Bitmap
PBN Portable Bridge Notation Format
PBO Packed Bohemia Object
PBP Sony PlayStation Portable Firmware Image
PBPROJ Project Builder Project
PBQ PunkBuster Query Script
PBR Microsoft Publisher Backup
PBS Corel PaintShop Photo Pro Brush Stroke Presets
PBT Microsoft Source Profiler Binary Table
PBV Corel PaintShop Photo Pro Bevel Preset
PBW Photobucket Slideshow
PBX Outlook Express Message Folder
PBX5SCRIPT Personal Backup Script Format
PBXBTREE Apple Xcode Auto-complete Format
PBXPROJ Apple Project Builder Xcode Project File Format
PBXSCRIPT Personal Backup Script Format
PBXUSER Xcode Project User Data Format
PBZ Google Picasa Button Zip
PC Personal Composer Musical Notation Format
PC1 Atari Degas Image
PC2 Atari Degas Image
PC3 Autodesk AutoCAD R2000 Plotter Configuration Format
PC5 Rockwell Software Logix 5 Format
PC6 PowerCADD 6 Drawing Format
PC7 PowerCADD 7 Drawing Format
PCA PcAnywhere Registry Backup Format
PCAP Packet Capture Data Format
PCAPNG PCAP Next Generation Dump Format
PCAST Apple ITunes Podcast URL Format
PCB Printed Circuit Board Format
PCBDOC Printed Circuit Board Description
PCC Mass Effect Package Format
PCD Kodak Picture CD Multiresolution Image
PCDS Multi-resolution Bitmap Graphics - Kodak Photo-CD Format
PCE TurboGrafx-16 ROM
PCF Microsoft Source Profiler Profiler Command Format
PCG Korg Triton Bank Format
PCH Microsoft Visual Studio Visual C++ Precompiled Header
PCHD PC Backup Utilities Backup
PCI PCI Miniport
PCJ IBM LinkWay Graphics
PCK Game Package Format
PCL HP Vector Graphics Format
PCM PCM Audio Format
PCMI ABB PCM600 Pre-configured IED
PCMP ABB PCM600 Project
PCMT ABB PCM600 Template IED
PCN Corel PaintShop Photo Pro Contour Preset
PCP Windows Installer Patch Creation Process Format
PCQ Pfaff Embroidery
PCR PCMark Benchmark Format
PCS Microsoft PowerPoint Picture Storage Format
PCSAV Mass Effect Saved Game Format
PCSXSTATE PCSX Emulator Saved Game Format
PCT Picture Format
PCTL Kaspersky Parental Control Settings Format
PCU PC MightyMax Undo
PCV MozBackup Backup Format
PCX Paintbrush Bitmap Image
PCXM SQL Server Encrypted Forms Backup
PD Corel Paradox Table Format
PD2 DFSee Partition Table And Boot Sector Backup
PD3 3D Studio Max
PD4 Windows Photo Gallery User Format
PD5 Windows Photo Gallery User Format
PD6 Lacerte Tax
PDA Image Print Shop Deluxe
PDAS PDAStore Store Flie
PDB Microsoft Visual Studio Visual C++ Program Database Format
PDBX Martini Personal Database
PDC Lizard Safeguard Secure PDF Format
PDD Corel PaintShop Photo Pro Bitmap Graphics Format
PDE Processing Development Environment Source Code Format
PDER ProntoDoc For Excel Conventional Document
PDF Adobe Portable Document Format
PDFA PDF/A Document
PDFE PDF/E Document
PDFENX Egis Encrypted PDF
PDFIG PDF Index Generator Project Format
PDFS Adobe Illustrator Format
PDFX PDF/X Document
PDFXML Adobe Mars Project XML Based PDF Document Format
PDF_ Adobe Acrobat Portable Document
PDF_TSID Adobe PDF Document
PDG SSreader Document Format
PDH ProntoDoc For Word Browser Display Document Template
PDI Microsoft PowerPoint Import Or Export File
PDK PC Desktop Cleaner Configuration
PDL Print Shop Deluxe Project Format
PDM Sybase PowerDesigner Format
PDML Packet Details Markup Language
PDN Paint.NET Image Format
PDO Pepakura Designer Paper Craft Model Design Format
PDOC Grabdp
PDP Adobe Portable Document Format
PDQ Flow Charting PDQ
PDR Windows Port Device Driver Format
PDS Cyberlink PowerDirector Project Format
PDT ProCite Database
PDU Protocol Data Unit Message
PDV Visualization Toolkit Graphic
PDVR QuickDraw GX
PDW ProntoDoc For Word Conventional Document Template
PDWR ProntoDoc For Word Conventional Document
PDX Adobe Acrobat Index Format
PDXA Europa Universalis III
PDZ ProntoDoc For Word Structured Text Document Template
PE PatentEase
PE3 Ulead PhotoImpact Image Archive
PE4 Ulead Image Archive
PEA PeaZip Pack Encrypt Authenticate Format
PEAK Steinberg Cubase Peak Format
PEB Corel WordPerfect Program Editor Bottom Overflow File
PEC Brother Embroidery File Format
PED Corel WordPerfect Program Editor Delete Save
PEE Sage Timberline Estimating
PEF Pentax Digital Camera Raw Image Format
PEG Peggle Game Replay Format
PEGN Peggle Nights Replay Format
PEK Adobe Premiere Graphic Waveform Format
PEKEY PhysicsEditor Key
PEL IBM Forms Log
PEM Privacy Enhanced Mail Security Certificate Format
PEN Corel PaintShop Photo Pro Enamel Presets Format
PEP TurboProject Project Format
PEQ Corel WordPerfect Program Editor Print Queue
PER Age Of Empires Personality Format
PERFMONCFG Microsoft Windows Performance Monitor Configuration Format
PERL Perl Source
PERSPECTIVE Xcode Project Related
PERSPECTIVEV3 Xcode Project Related
PES Brother Embroidery File Format
PET Puppy Linux Install Package Format
PEX Merak Peep Data Format
PEZ Prezi Desktop Transfer Format
PF Windows Prefetch Format
PF0 SmartWare Project Source Code
PF1 SmartWare Project Source Code
PF2 Canon Picture Style Editor Picture Style
PF3 SmartWare Project Source Code
PF4 SmartWare Project Source Code
PF? SmartWare Project Source
PFA Printer Font ASCII Format
PFB Printer Font Binary Format
PFC AOL Personal Filling Cabinet
PFD Micrografx Optimal Process Flow Diagram Format
PFF NovaLogic Game Archive Format
PFG JEEPersDX Configuration Format
PFI Panorama Factory Bitmap Image Format
PFK XTreePro Programmable Function Keys
PFL PDFill Project Format
PFM Printer Outline Metric Font Format
PFO Pismo File Mount Audit Package
PFP Panorama Factory Project
PFR Corel PaintShop Photo Pro Frame Format
PFS Image Studio Picture File Format
PFSX ELAN Document
PFT Corel WordPerfect Temporary
PFV PhotoFiltre Studio Data Format
PFX Certificate Format
PF_ Encore Compressed
PG Image PrintFox / PageFox
PGA PowerGREP Action
PGAL My Pictures 3D Album Gallery
PGB Rayman 2
PGC Portfolio Graphics Compressed Image Format
PGD Pretty Good Privacy PGPdisk Image Format
PGDATA URL Melter Data
PGE PocketGrandmaster Game Engine
PGF Progressive Graphics Format
PGI Video Recording Format
PGL PowerGREP Library
PGM Portable Graymap File Format
PGN Portable Game Notation Format
PGO Papagayo
PGP Pretty Good Privacy Encrypted Format
PGPF Password Generator Password Format
PGR PowerGREP Results
PGS DALiM LiTHO Vector Page
PGT Pokémon Gift Format
PGW Map Data
PGX Visual Basic Binary Property Page Format
PGZ StreamLync Download Archives
PH Perl Header Format
PHAR PHP Extension And Application Repository Archive Format
PHB ArcSoft PhotoBase Album Format
PHC Home Embroidery
PHD Punch! Software CAD Plan Format
PHE WinChess Game Record
PHJ PhCNC Project
PHL Kindle Popular Highlights Format
PHM Pro Home Manager Data Format
PHN Algodoo Phun Phunlet
PHO Gerber Photoplot Format
PHOTOLIBRARY Apple IPhoto Digital Photo Library
PHOTOSHOW Roxio PhotoShow Project
PHP PHP Script Or Page
PHP1 PHP1 Auto
PHP2 PHP Version 2 Script (HyperText PreProcessor)
PHP3 PHP Version 3 Script Format
PHP4 HTML Page With PHP (HyperText PreProcessor)
PHP5 PHP Script Version 5 (HyperText PreProcessor)
PHPEDITPROJECT Project From PHPEdit Solution
PHPS PHP Script Source Code
PHPT PHP Test Suite
PHR Adobe RoboHelp Phrase Format
PHS XtalView Phase
PHT Partial Hypertext
PHTM PHP Web Page Format
PHV Husqvarna Viking Data
PHW PhotoWebber Session
PHY Spicemod Asic Format
PHYA Marathon 2 Aleph One Physics Format
PHZ Phun Compressed Phunlet Format
PI Bitmap Image
PI$ Microsoft Compressed PIF
PI1 Atari Degas Bitmap Image
PI2 Portrait Innovations High Resolution Image Format
PI3 Atari Degas Image
PI4 Atari Degas Image Format
PI5 Atari Degas Image Format
PI6 Atari Degas Image Format