Formats des fichiers commençant par la lettre A
Extension de fichier Nom complet du fichier
A Unix Static Object Code Library Format
A$V QuarkXpress Automatically Saved Project
A00 Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 2)
A01 Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 3)
A02 Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 4)
A03 Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 5)
A04 Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 6)
A05 Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 7)
A06 Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 8)
A07 Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 9)
A08 Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 10)
A09 Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 11)
A1 Free Pascal Archive
A10 Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 12)
A11 Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 13)
A12 Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 14)
A13 Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 15)
A14 Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 16)
A15 Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 17)
A16 Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 18)
A17 Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 19)
A18 Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 20)
A19 Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 21)
A1WISH Audials Wishlist Format
A20 Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 22)
A21 Soundweb Firmware
A26 Atari 2600 ROM Image Format
A2A IBM Voice Type Languages Vocabels
A2B Adlib Tracker II Instrument Bank
A2C Alice Scene Format
A2DESKTOP Aston Desktop Desktop Skin
A2I Adlib Tracker Instrument Format
A2L ASAP2 Description Format
A2M AdLib Tracker 2 Format
A2MENU Aston Desktop Start Menu Skin
A2P Adlib Tracker Pattern Format
A2PANEL Aston Desktop Panel Skin
A2R KittyXplorer Encrypted Archive
A2T Adlib Tracker Tiny Module Format
A2THEME Aston 2 Theme Format
A2W Alice Program World Format
A31 Adobe Authorware Library
A32 Split Multi-volume ARJ Compressed File Archive (part 34)
A3D Amapi 3D Modeling
A3G Photo! 3D Gallery
A3K Yamaha A3000 Sampler
A3L Adobe Authorware Library Format
A3M Adobe Authorware Unpackaged Format
A3P Alice 3 Project
A3S Yamaha A3000 Sample
A3W Adobe Authorware Unpackaged Format
A3X AccuLoad Settings
A41 Adobe Authorware Library
A4L Adobe Authorware Library Format
A4M Adobe Authorware Unpackaged Format
A4P Adobe Authorware Package Without Runtime
A4R Adobe Authorware Package Course
A4W Adobe Authorware Unpackaged Format
A51 Adobe Authorware Library
A52 Atari 5200 Game Image Format
A5D Adobe Authorware Model
A5L Adobe Authorware Library Format
A5M Adobe Authorware Unpackaged
A5P Adobe Authorware Package Without Runtime
A5R Adobe Authorware Packaged File Without Runtime
A5RPT Alpha Five Project Report
A5W Adobe Authorware Unpackaged Format
A5WCMP Alpha Five Web Publishing
A64 Artist 64
A65 Adobe Authorware Library Format
A66 µVision Assembler Source
A6D Adobe Authorware Model
A6L Adobe Authorware Library
A6M Adobe Authorware Unpackaged
A6P Adobe Authorware Application Format
A6R Adobe Authorware Packaged File Without Runtime
A6W Adobe Authorware Unpackaged
A78 Atari 7800 Image
A7D Adobe Authorware Model
A7E Adobe Authorware Packaged Library
A7L Adobe Authorware Library
A7M Adobe Authorware Unpackaged
A7P Adobe Authorware Packaged File Without Runtime
A7R Adobe Authorware Packaged File Without Runtime
A7W Adobe Authorware Unpackaged
A86 A86 Assembly Language Source Code
A8S Anim8or Script Format
AA Audible Audio Format
AA3 Sony ATRAC Audio Format
AAA Sybase SQLAnywhere Temporary
AAB Adobe Authorware Binary
AAC Advanced Audio Coding Format
AAF Advanced Authoring Format Multimedia Format
AAM Adobe Authorware Shocked Format
AAO Agenda At Once Format
AAP Apollo Advanced Playlist
AAPKG ArchestrA IDE Package
AAR Apache Axis2 Archive
AAS Adobe Authorware Shocked Packet
AAT ArcInfo Line Data
AATREND ActiveFactory Trend
AAUI Adobe Acrobat UI Settings Format
AAW Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2007 Settings
AAWDEF Ad-Aware Definitions Format
AAX Audible Enhanced Audio Format
AB Google Android Debug Bridge Backup Format
AB$ Autodesk AutoCAD Plot Spooling
AB1 DNA Electropherogram Format
AB2 Print Shop Address Book File
AB3 Photoimpact 3 Album Format
AB4 AB4 Accounting & Business Data
AB6 ABStat Data
AB65 Adobe PageMaker Document
AB8 ABStat Data
ABA Palm Address Book Archive Format
ABBU Apple Address Book Archive Format
ABC Musical Notation Language Format
ABCD AudioVisual Book Data Format
ABCDDB Apple Address Book Database
ABCDG Apple AddessBook
ABCDMR Apple Address Book Mail Recent
ABCDP Address Book Card Data
ABD The Bat! Mail Processing System
ABDATA Adobe Bridge Data Format
ABE Application Boundaries Enforcer
ABF Adobe Binary Screen Font Format
ABG FIFA World Cup Game Data Beart
ABI Chromatogram Editor Format
ABICOLLAB AbiWord Collaborative File Descriptor
ABK Ability Write Backup Format
ABKPRJ Ashampoo Burning Studio Backup Project Format
ABL ABEL Hardware Description Language
ABM Music Album Format
ABN Alpha Five
ABP AVS Barcode Profile
ABR Adobe Photoshop Brush Format
ABS Absolute Database Single-file Database Format
ABT The Arbiter Game Schedule
ABU ACT! E-mail Address Book
ABW AbiWord Document Format
ABX Corel WordPerfect Mail Address Book
ABY AOL Directory Format
ABZ Alpha Black Zero Game
AC AC3D Geometry Format
AC$ AutoCAD Undo Info Format
AC0 SPICE AC/frequence Domain Output
AC1 SPICE AC/frequence Domain Output
AC2 SPICE AC/frequency Domain Output
AC3 Dolby Digital Sound Format
AC3D 3d Format Data
AC4 SPICE AC/frequence Domain Output
AC5 ArtCut 5 Document Format
AC6 Artcut Software Graphics Design Format
AC7 SPICE AC/frequence Domain Output
AC8 SPICE AC/frequence Domain Output
AC9 SPICE AC/frequence Domain Output
ACA Microsoft Agent Character Format
ACA2 Fontographer
ACAD AutoCAD Database
ACB Adobe Color Book Format
ACBL Adobe Color Book Format
ACC DR DOS - ViewMax Format
ACCDA Microsoft Access 2007/2010 Add-in Format
ACCDB Microsoft Access 2007/2010 Database Format
ACCDC Microsoft Access 2007/2010 Digitally Signed Database Format
ACCDE Microsoft Access 2007/2010 Compiled Execute Only Format
ACCDP Microsoft Access 2007/2010 Project
ACCDR Microsoft Access 2007/2010 Runtime Mode Database Format
ACCDT Microsoft Access 2007/2010 Database Template Format
ACCDU Microsoft Access 2007/2010 Database Wizard Format
ACCDW Microsoft Access Link Format
ACCESS Java Access Control
ACCESSOR Microsoft Visual Studio Accessor
ACCFL Microsoft Access Field Template
ACCFT Microsoft Access Template Format
ACCOUNTPICTURE-MS Microsoft Windows 8 Account Picture Format
ACD Sonic Foundry ACID Audio Format
ACD-BAK Sony ACID Project Backup Format
ACD-ZIP Sony ACID Compressed Project Format
ACE WinACE Compressed Ace Archive Format
ACF Microsoft Agent HTTP Character Format
ACFM Adobe Composite Font Metrics Format
ACG Age Of Wonders Saved Game
ACGD ACG System Predictive Model
ACGL ACG System Licence
ACH Medlin Payroll Software Automated Clearing House
ACI ACI Development Appraisal
ACK Swifty
ACL Microsoft Office Automatic Correction List
ACLOCK Amazing Clock
ACM ACM Compressed Sound Format
ACMD Apache Commander Project
ACO Adobe Photoshop Color Palette And Swatches Format
ACORN Acorn Draw Format
ACP Alfresco Exported Repository Format
ACQ AcqURL Bookmark Manager
ACR Bitmap Graphics
ACROBATSECURITYSETTINGS Adobe Acrobat Security Settings Format
ACRODATA Adobe Acrobat Data Format
ACROPLUGIN Adobe Acrobat Plug-in Format
ACRS Adobe Authorware
ACRYPT AutoCrypt Encrypted Document
ACS Microsoft Agent Character Structured Storage Format
ACS2 AIMP Media Player Skin
ACS3 AIMP Skin Package
ACSM Adobe Content Server Message Format
ACT Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator Color Table
ACTION Mac OS X Automator Action Format
ACTIONS Photoline 4 Defaults
ACTIVITYDIAGRAM Microsoft Visual Studio Activity Diagram
ACTM Autodesk AutoCAD Action Macro Format
ACTPROJ Microsoft Visual Studio Visual SourceSafe ACT Project
ACTX DS Game Maker Action Description Format
ACU Machine Independent COBOL Object
ACV Adobe Photoshop Colour Curves Format
ACW Microsoft Accessibility Wizard Format
ACX Atari ST Program Format
AD After Dark Screen Saver Format
AD1 Forensic Toolkit FTK Imager Image
AD3E Adobe Dimensions Mac
AD65 PageMaker 6.5
ADA ADA Language Source Code Format
ADADOWNLOAD Adobe Download Assistant Partially Completed Download
ADB Ability Database Database Format
ADBA AIMSS Author Project Configuration
ADBLOCK Alpha Five Temporary
ADC Lingvo Dictionary Format
ADCP Adobe Device Centra Project
ADD Microsoft Dynamics AX Developer Documentation Format
ADDIN Microsoft Visual Studio Addin Format
ADDON CFS Console Add-on Format
ADDR Metin2 Data
ADE Microsoft Access Compiled Project Format
ADF ArcView ARC/INFO Coverage Data Format
ADG Ableton Live Device Group Format
ADH Audible Manager
ADI Active@ Disk Image Format